This 1958 video (below) captures the true spirit of what desirablethings is all about!  Design, Design, Design!  The video is about architects of style and captivators of the future.  Be sure to read our “Welcome & Introduction” and “About Us” pages to find out more about our mission, our passion, and what truly is the driving force of this blog.  I love this video, and wanted to use it as our introductory post because it truly embraces the boldness of life enhancing products that we depend on everyday.  It emphasizes how design created a new festivity in the marketplace with mid-century design and how “design” of everyday products can enhance and change the landscape of our daily life, even today!
While watching the video, you’ll catch glimpses of work from trailblazers of Modern Design and pioneers like Charles & Ray Eames.  Designers who were a part of a movement and time period of renewal and optimism, which was taking place in the 1950s replacing obscurity, insecurity and fear that America was plagued with for the prior two decades during the great depression of the 30s & 40s.
You’ll spot creations from modern designers like; George Nakashima the Japanese American woodworker and furniture maker, an innovator of 20th Century furniture design and known as the father of the American craft movement.  Also, Alvar Aalto, Isamu Noguchi, Mies van der Roche, Edith Heath, Eva Zeisel, and Scandinavian designers Arne Jacobson, and Poul Henningsen.  Note that the architecture was from a style period that emphasized structures with ample windows and open floor-plans with the intention of opening up interior spaces and bringing the outdoors in.  I call it “intentional living” design – very much the way today’s modern homes are designed using sustainable material and encompassing Eco-friendly aesthetics to target the needs and lifestyle of the average (well not so average) American family.
So sit back, grab a cub of coffee or Thai Chai Latte and enjoy our introductory video!  Stimulate your senses, spark your creativity, liven your spirits, put desirablethings in your “favorites” and come back often to us to share, contribute, and explore!  Contact Us.