Yes, that’s correct – that is a “she” in the  photograph above. A dear friend of mine who is a true artist in every sense of the word; Trine often times uses herself as her canvas to create artfully compelling images and works of inspiration. Now that’s very Desirable artistic work I would say!

The following images are simply magical works of photography, makeup artistry, and stylized art direction by two friends of mine the European duo – Trine Marie Skauen, a Norwegian born Makeup Artist and Art Director who works alongside her fiance’ Italian born photographer Marco Di Filipo.  Their work is absolutely stunning and oh so very contemporary!  Based in Rome and Norway (although they frequently work in New York) together they create gorgeously artful images for editorial pages in fashion & beauty  magazines, catalogs, and promotional material such as artwork for CDs and books.

Let’s not chatter anymore and take in some “Eye Candy” a random hand selection of their creations that are a true tour de force . . .

I told you it was eye candy didn’t I just pure visual delight!  Okay, so if you made it this far down the pipeline of beautiful images then I guess you just might want to find out more about the dynamic duo – click here to find out more about Trine and click here for Marco’s info.  You can also visit the makeup artist’s web site Planet Candy Eye Candy to stay abreast of her globe trotting experiences and worldly inspirations.

Fino a Nuovo – Ciao!