This is an Artisan who believes to quote: “My objects should be able to create a space around themselves, to define their context on their own.  I question their meaning and, hence, their use. In the ideal case an object acquires a status that legitimizes itself independently of their surroundings.”

His designs forces you to consider the objects’ sense of presence when they are not being used, and are created based on many years of Aldo Bakker’s observation of how people use things.  In dwell he was quoted as saying “I am a control freak” and Bakker tries “to refine the posture of an object,” sometimes intermittently for years.

Materials: Porcelain, Size: 27 x 20 x13 cm. Price: € 325, (incl. 1 cup, extra cup € 24,)
US Pricing: Carafe – $404.16 Cup: $29.85 Available at: Particles Gallery (click here)

The Jug rocks back and forth when you turn it upside down and appears to be covering the cup in the photo above.  You can see how his designs take on a life and presence of their own  strikingly “independent” of its surroundings.


 Material: Porcelain, Glazed Inside Distributor: Thomas Eyck (click here)

Also Available at: Droog and retails for €115,00 US: $142.93 (approx.) Click here to order

This is just a “smidget” (that’s a very slang American term) of Aldo Bakker’s work!  DT will be posting various write-ups about this designer’s creations that blur the lines between art, ritual and function, which will include: tableware, furniture, cutlery, copper, sculptural seating, leather, use of various types of wood and Urushi.”  So stay tuned-in we’re going to be doing an ongoing series of showcasing Aldo Bakker & have a lot to share about this amazing experimental Dutch designer.  We Love Him!