This annual show provides a venue for both the serious and novice art collector.  I’ve gone to this event a few times and just recently went to the opening reception.  I’m always amazed at the breadth of talent showcased during this exhibition.  The artists’ work is so diversified, yet they have the ability to convey (uniquely and yet cohesively) the history, culture, and many nuances of the African American community, both past and present.  Contemporary works of art of the African Diaspora are also included into the show.  Black Art overall has an escalating growth of fine art and acquisition amongst art investors internationally with art expositions spanning across the US, and European markets.

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This is a fantastic fundraiser for the Harlem School of The Arts January 30th – February 2nd.  Let’s take a quick look at just a few of the artists that will be showcasing their work.  Oh, did I mention – there will be over 100+ “vetted” artist and galleries participating.  HFAS has also announced they are increasing their event calendar in 2014 to a four city tour: New York, Atlanta, Martha’s Vineyard, and Chicago.

True African Art

Ture African Art is an online African Art Gallery and focusses exclusively on original, hand-painted one-of-a-kind paintings by over 60 African Artists.  They have true African Art from Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Senegal the Congo and South Africa.  They are doing an amazing job at supporting African communities to better care for their families and lifestyles making a valuable contribution to emerging artists.  Click here to learn more or purchase.  What I like about this art purveyor is that they make art truly affordable and accessible to everyone.

Sylvia Maier

Look for her work it’s amazing just the small amount I’ve been exposed to “conjures-up” words and phrases when viewing her work . . . Ceremonies, Spiritual Vehemence, Narrative, Moments Captured In Time, Cultural Blending & Acceptance.  (click onto the art images to go to Sylvia’s website)

This is an artist who’s exhibitions have included installations and showings in East & South Hampton, Chelsea New York, Frankfurt Germany, and Washington DC.  This is one of the many participating artists you do not want to miss at HFAS.  Click here to visit her website, make a purchase and to see more of her work.

I was recently reminded to remember the much-celebrated emerging artists’ work “Black Like Me” by Glenn Ligon and “Sky Light” and “Watusi” by Alma Thomas (1891-1978) who is considered one of the Black masters now hang on the walls of the White House.  So keep in mind, attending this event could give you access to the next “Basquiat.”

Enjoy hope to see you there!