I was so inspired to do a quick post about this new artist I discovered on America’s Got Talent!  New to me, but not new to thousands of fans and followers he’s known internationally as an artist, author, and storyteller.  Joe Castillo’s artwork is amazing!  I really felt enthused seeing him create his beautiful artwork on the show.  He has mastered the ability to share stories that have inspired and touch people’s heart with the use of SandStory performances and AGT calls him “The Sand Guy,” he’s one of the top 48 performers to compete on the live show.

This is an artist with an interesting story (click here) and a profound love of teaching the scriptures, telling stories, and presenting these fluid images of sand on a light table using an overhead video camera projecting onto a large screen.  Music is incorporated into his storytelling designs/art.  Check out the featured video demonstrating his work!  Unique!  Fun!  Tremendous Talent!  When seen on a larger screen you are left with a sense of awe!

“In The Spirit Of Design!”

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