I went to a gallery reception the other day and discovered a really unique artist by the name of Paul Richard.  Apparently (based on a little research I did) he’s also known in New York as a street artist with a radical twist.

His work has been exhibited at the Whitney Museum and Guggenheim Museum, but most interesting in my opinion is the work displays on the streets of New York and his paintings I saw at the Fish With Braids Gallery reception in Jersey City.

This is an example of his street work executed on the sidewalk on 10th avenue in Manhattan – “Sidewalk Art.”  You can literally miss it by simply walking 0n it if you’re not looking down.

Click here and here to find out more about his unique street art using urban structures like fire hydrants, tree stumps and various public locations.

The above video is Paul doing his street art thing!  (Note: If you are receiving this post as a subscriber emailed to you – please click onto “DesirableThings” to read this post from its landing page in order to see the video).

The installation is currently showing in a gallery in Jersey City called Fish With Braids, 190 Christopher Columbus Drive call (646) 573-7164 if you’re interested in purchasing one of Paul’s creations.

This is a great piece of work and believe it or not, Tutu Man was created using all pencil etching on gessoed wood and some scratched out real graffiti (without any enamel paint) “pencil only” amazing and a very unique technique for a contemporary artist I’m told by Uta Brauser.

You have to see this in person to really appreciate the detailed work here by just using a pencil and marker! A really fun (and somewhat cheeky) artwork to hang on your wall. Additional favorites from the show . . .

Red Bicycle “87×46” (Oil on Canvas)

I really like Paul Richard’s work and creative vibe.  His artwork has a strong hint of “self-indulgence” and a strong sense of someone with a “firm stance” on whatever he believes in.  It’s apparent (at least to me) that this is an artist with something to say and I would love an opportunity to speak with him in person just to see what his point of view is really all about (unfortunately he didn’t attend the reception).

Make sure to visit Uta Brauser’s Fish With Braids Gallery (click here).  She too is an extremely talented artist and we will be posting some of her work soon, as DT develops its art showcase/gallery focusing on New York’s and Jersey City’s emerging art scene.  Is that Paul Richard again . . . lurking in the back of that painting (below)?  Wonder what he has to say?