I’m a firm believer in creating your living space to  be a haven from your day-to-day daily activities, a place and a dwelling that can uplift your spirit and re-energize your life.  Well the below photographs of this penthouse loft does exactly that if only in my imagination.  This multi-million dollar loft was designed by renowned Architect Michael Haverland.  He cleverly used industrial conduits and materials (concrete, steel, walnut finishes, natural light, and hand-blown glass) to create a very clean and luminous modern look, while managing to keep the volume of the space and harnessing a warm environment.

I love the warm pastel colors used against the hard steel, concrete walls, walnut floors and window trims…the living room is an expansive 900-square feet.  Oh did I mention that the total square footage in this penthouse duplex is 8,100 square feet, with sixteen-foot ceilings and has a listed price of $19.5 million.  Those interested in acquiring this magnificent dwelling contact Jan Hashey at Prudential Douglas Elliman.  The building is all-cement and was built in 19o9 and located in the heart of Greenwich Village New York.

I live in an industrial loft apartment unfortunately not as massive (hello no where near), but given my experience living in a (miniature by comparison) loft living space I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Once you experience loft living, you can’t go back to your standard flat apartments.