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Check out this video from a new furniture design company called AELLON (pronounced Ay-lahn). They’re in the process of launching their GLOBAL INSPIRED SUSTAINABLE FURNITURE line and working with one of my favorite artisan, craftsman, designer of sustainable furnishings – UHURU DESIGNS.

UHURU DESIGN’s CAPSULE COLLECTION (click here to check out a previous post we did on UHURU): The CAPSULE COLLECTION was created using a 45-year old wooden fishing boat named “Grace” that had washed up on shore during a monsoon in Indonesia.  This 61 foot fishing boat was made out of a now threaten speicies of wood from the rain forest in Indonesia.  The founders of AELLON felt the grain and the color of the wood was absolutely beautiful and made of precious material.

The plan was to break down the boat to use as fire wood!  This unique team saw an opportunity to give the wood a new life, create jobs in the local villages and make a contribution to mankind with good great design!  They felt one man’s waste is another man’s treasure!  Building on the principals of good design, functionality, durability, sustainability they’ve completed twenty prototypes of this new furniture line, but is starting with 3 specific handmade pieces for launch phase.

Support their fundraising campaign and help deliver good design that’s accessible to the world, create jobs in Indonesia and make a contribution to re-purposing something becoming extinct on this planet, by giving it a new and purposeful life!  They have a goal to raise $30,000 by July 27th in order to go into full production run for distribution to  contemporary furniture stores in New York, Philadelphia, Boston and San Francisco.