VANJA BAZDULJ is the London based designer of ROUGH & READY an experimental furniture morphology inspired by exploring the potentials of the imperfect, human, unpredictable and the unfinished “finish” look/aesthetic.  She’s a designer and an “artisan” in the truest sense inspired by the visual arts, nature or (as referenced) “just walking through an urban-scape” excited by nature’s ability to create amazing patinas, surfaces and shapes.  She intuitively does the same thing by working with experimental material and has a entire line of stimulating furniture and objects, but let’s look at her latest addition to the ROUGH & READY COLLECTION: The Margarita Chair
The Margarita Chair is the newest member of the ROUGH & READY COLLECTION and made its debut showing at the COLLECT the International Arts Fair for Contemporary Objects known as the premier destination for anyone passionate about buying the very best in contemporary craft.  Showed Crafts Council’s COLLECT: May 11th – 14th at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

Margarita Chair

Margarita Chair Size: Length 1,1m/Width 1,1m/Height 0.9m

Drawing from the techniques of art the Margarita Chair explores the intuitive material application and mixing mediums as natural patina formations.  Created by using tailored cured sheets of wool felt assembled and tightened into place with rope forming seating elements.  The wool is embedded with rubber providing the surface of the seat not only with structural integrity, also an aesthetically playful pattern that’s visually stimulating.

Vanja says she’s “currently obsessed with rubber and wool” and is trying to infuse as much character and pure creativity in her design process as possible, while creating functional objects with a twist.  I love her work and think it’s amazing how so much intuitiveness and creativity can be embodied (cohesively) into making such visually stimulating designs with functionality!

We’ll be showcasing more of her outstanding creations and talents of fusing together unique, everyday contemporary material.  To check out  ROUGH & READY’S new blog (click here) or go to to learn more about Vanja.