As a follow-up to our reporting on May being such a busy month for design the Non-profit arts and culture  organization BOFFO based in New York is having its opening reception on May 18th and 19th (click here to purchase tickets). 

This design event is ongoing from May/Spring into the Fall season and fosters collaborations between artists, designers, communities, and theorists of contemporary subject matters in design that informs and educate the public “through innovative, participatory programs” and events.  A unique blend of various disciplines art, architecture, fashion, and interior design and a conduit between emerging and established innovators.   (click here to find out about the various design disciplines being supported).

The one that interest me most (and I will be attending) is the BOFFO SHOW HOUSE!  This event is a bridge of art and design through an installation showcasing designers and artists in a premiere residential environment with creative one-of-a-kind furniture, decor, and art.  The event’s mission is to create a profound and relevant experience representing modern living in a visually stimulating Manhattan destination.  This is much more than the staging of spaces; the products to create this innovative interior have been hand selected by the well known New York based designer Andrew Yes, along side BOFFO Directors to transform four magnificent apartments.

Participants are galleries, show rooms, international creative professionals, students, stores, manufacturers, websites, media companies, and schools.

About Andrew Yes: His work ranges from unique furniture, lighting and decorative arts and home decor objects for luxury brand Eduardo Garza and A-list clientele.

There will be four themed rooms: Nature, Future, Play, and Work representing four individual bi-level two bedroom apartments between 1300-1800 sq. ft.  The installations will challenge the norms of contemporary interior design located at The Madison Jackson – 371 Madison Street, NYC (The historic Charles Snyder Public School).  There’s an interesting article about this condo development you can check out on Curbed New York – click here.  We’ll see you there!