UM Project Inc. is a unique shop that can create a full range of products and design experiences from a single piece of furniture up to a full range of environmental experiences. ” Our projects come in all sizes. We work with individuals, companies, architects and designers in the residential and commercial fields (hospitality, entertainment, corporate and more).”
The company’s creative commitment is to deliver total solutions for their clients. I found it interesting how they classified themselves as “integrated and nimble, a hybrid between a workshop for fabrication, a laboratory for discovery and a consulting practice for design.”
Check out some of the designs; I love this Chandelier!

Nebu Chandelier: Made of 250 vintage and antique glasses, clear and color. Water jet colored aluminum frame, with intricate positive/negative pattern Edison bulbs or LED bulbs (fully customizable).
This deco-style desk lamp made of “techy” materials in two variations: black Corian base and carbon fiber shade; or white Corian base and walnut veneer shade.

Variable lighting without using dimmers. The solution is very mechanical yet playful by letting people turn on one or more rows of lights.

At the core they are “designers” and “makers” sometimes designing, sometimes fabricating, and most often doing both. Part of their claim to uniqueness is letting one process inform/influence the other, while exploring new ways to realize projects.  UM is truly creative in the true sense of the word by letting their design process evolve organically while working on a project.

The below teak chairs are timelessness and modern (very mid-century design) using solid teak traditionally joined and other elements of laser-cut teak marine-grade multiply. The chairs are not only beautiful, but they’re durable and can be used year-long long indoors and outdoors.
Design: Colgate Searle
Photography: Dzikowski, ESTO &Alexis Sermier

“We are regularly called to work beyond the built world.”  More on this quote to come!  We’ll explore some extensive details about UM Project in coming posts.  You’ll learn more about the design team, UM’s corporate, residential, and commercial projects and other design products.