Andreas Reimann – Artist

I met Andreas Reimann while living in South Florida in 2001, and at that time he specialized in Mixed Media Technique in layers of Acrylic, Oil,  Silk-screening, Graphite, Pastel and Collage.

I used the phrase “at that time” because Andreas Reimann’s work is forever evolving, and there are tones of updated information to write about Andreas that will be forthcoming and on-going on DT.  Born in Vienna his autodidact drawings and paintings has lead him to many exhibitions throughout the Southeastern USA, Vienna, and Germany.

His work includes having presentations and installations at (and not limited to): Wohnen Interieur (Austria’s largest fair for dream interiors, design, and lifestyle accessories), Art Dusseldorf (the renowned academy of Contemporary & Modern Art in Germany), installations and commissioned works for The Hotel Savoy in Cologne, Germany, and the Queen Anne Club Vienna.

Later we’ll explore Andreas’ art philosophy on “Entertainment” and elaborate more about his installations and projects.  For now let’s explore his association with pop culture and using celebrities as his subject of work, such as . . . Elton John, Sophia Loren, Tina Turner, Marilyn Monroe, Liza Minnelli, Marlene Dietrich and Romy Schneider and more…the list goes on and on!  But let’s begin by showing you a little of his work with Andreas Reimann’s “Original Limited Editions” with the Romy Schneider Series:

Taken From The Series: HOMMAGE TO ROMY SCHNEIDER all of the paintings are limited edition of silkscreens created by Andreas Reimann; acrylic, metallic acrylic (the same high quality paint is used on the originals) done on acid-free passepartout board 81 x 102cm (31 x 38 inch) image size 72 x 82cm (28 x 32.5 inch).

Below is an example of some of his public work: Andreas’ art commissioned for use as an Austrian stamp dedicated to Romy Schneider presented on September 21st. 2008, commemorating her 70th birthday features the ROMY CLASSIC Edition Gold!

His work is absolutely wonderful, and these examples posted does not offer its true justice of the great imagery they posses as fabulous art!  I’ve seen his work placed in various room settings, from restaurants, exhibits, and furnished dwellings and believe me when I say “The Work Is Absolutely Stunning” (his creations are executed in mixed media on canvas a and cardboard)

This is just a teaser there’s more to come about Andreas, so stay tuned-in!  Ciao!